Works and critical texts are present in the following publications:

2018 – Rubettino

2017 – Mondadori

2014 – Art itineraries in Italy by Enzo Le Pera – Publisher Rubettino

A rich catalog of artists, critics, historians, galleries and auction houses. A precious volume, fully illustrated in color, to know the current trends of Italian art. Rubbettino Editore

2009 – History of Italian art of the 900 “Generazione anni forti” by Giorgio di Genova

2008 – Claudio Cerritellli Aniconic Painting “Art and criticism in Italy 1968-2007” Mazzotta Publisher

2005 – Permanent collections Bora Editions – Pieve di Cento (Bologna)

Art Museum of the 20th century Italian generations «G. Bargellini », Pieve di Cento. Catalog of permanent collections. 7 Generation forty years.