Biographical note:

Vincenzo Parea was born in Vigevano, a small town on the outskirts of Milan, January 3, 1940. Having completed the first artistic studies at the School for Painters and Decorators of the Roncalli Civic Institute of Vigevano, he deepened his artistic-cultural training in a constant dialectic and study relationship with the major artists working in the contemporary era. In fact, the artist’s interest, addressed at first to the emotionally pure value of color, comes to land, following the enrichment of the aesthetic investigation, to research concerning the analytical values of the color itself. His first inactive work is dated 1969.

Giuseppe Franzoso

Pictorial Thinking:

My operations must be focused on the constant investigation of color.
The chromatic agreement, the tone, the value of color, are the conditions that go beyond matter: they are above all a spiritual and emotional expression of the same.
The mental order creates a necessity linked to the exact, to that exact structural and reasoned that is never perfection, but that becomes instinctive perception, which is realized by virtue of a color invented and emotional.
My experimentation starts from a constructivist and concrete basis to become a “new visuality” in the endless research of color.
This research is developed with minimal monochromatic variations. The structural joints are not “lines”, but rather the surroundings of tone that create invisible lines, without width, which go beyond the operational space, towards the infinite.
Color has no measure, it is subjective: it is pleasant even to smell it, to touch it, to mix it, in a certain sense to rape it to know it, understand it, shape it, invent it and above all love it.
It is a vibration that becomes light.

Vincenzo Parea