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The new chronicle of Mantua 12/4/19

Photo 22nd International Contemporary Art Event

44th Sulmona Prize 2017 “Gaetano Pallozzi”

Exhibition “Streets of Europe” – Berlin

From 12 May to 22 November at Berlin’s Plus Berlin (Iron Gray Floor), 20 of my latest works will be exhibited at the exhibition “Strade d’Europa”, an international art project conceived and directed by Prof. Carlo Franza.

Photo 22nd International Contemporary Art Event

44th Sulmona Prize 2017 “Gaetano Pallozzi”

22nd International Contemporary Art Event

The breath of the trees. In Salento in Palmariggi a themed art gallery was born at the Academy of Olivo secolare.

The Association “Friends of the Olivo Secolare del Salento” AOSS of Palmariggi (Lecce) under the direction of the enlightened manager and patron Raffaele Cazzetta, has been promoting, supporting and spreading the agro-food culture of Salento and olive growing for years, in particular as a cultural factor of human, social and economic growth. After starting the establishment of the Academy of Olivo, it intends to promote events and conferences in the sector and also an annual Artistic Exhibition on the theme of the Secular Olive Tree in function of an Art Gallery that will be placed on this site.

In truth, the invitations and the review were directed and presided by me. The exhibition with related exhibition and exhibition is in progress since 29th August 2017 in Palmariggi, in the Company’s Historical headquarters. For each edition the artists invited to the Exhibition are fifteen, and the works expressed in the theme of the tree or nearby variants are first on display with the relative catalog, then they become part of an AOSS Art Gallery and the Academy of the Olive Tree. .
The exhibition is a sort of thermometer of the spectacularity and the historicity of the new art, of an art that becomes the vehicle of new ideas carved in Western culture, of an art capable of regenerating worlds and men, and also makes a compass in a sea of ​​propositions of culture and the international arts.

Vincenzo Parea, a master of analytic painting. In Vigevano at Palazzo Sanseverino there is a picture gallery that marks and colors the breath of the world.

In the city where he lives, in Vigevano, the artist Vincenzo Parea holds a “personal” to say the least illuminating and historical, at Spazio B of Palazzo Sanseverino, after a series of exhibitions around Italy and Europe. A well-known artist, a leading exponent of analytical art, for years he has been analyzing the line that intersects color and the metaphysics of color itself, which lives off a significant reduction in monochromy.
This privileged exhibition that Parea intercepts in his city with works that are declined through geometric, classic and recognizable forms, capable of profoundly modifying the perceptual systems and the spatial coordinates from within, leading to a deconstruction of the space by virtue of brightness and grammage of the color that undermines the same geometric shape, opening to an infinite perimeter, far from the categories of the real.
Parea to the elementary nature of the material brings to life the operational essentiality, that is, explores a singular painting, hypernova, hyperplastic, hyperdisseminative because of the variations and drafts of the same color that thanks to a “degree” or gradation of the chromatic body in spatial expansion gives off at work a pulsating perspective. The color within these geometric fields (square, round, etc.), opens to different intensities, becomes light-color that dialectically moves towards the perfection of the absolute, thus making painting, metaphysics and science dialogue, and correlating interiority and the whole. A full-fledged artist, Parea moves from modulations, chromatic waves that open to fields of color, and each work becomes a sort of box of wonders where the toning of the color opens to empty and full because of the density and tonal concentration on the surfaces that seem to hang on the walls. In this late age the artist works at an ungraspable depth, depth of inner, absolute, infinite depth.

Each work becomes a sum of space, light, form and material-color; in it lives a concentrate of energy meaning as light absorption. And to say that the zeroing of painting, freely beyond any image thought or reflected, led Vincenzo Parea to live analytical and monochromatic painting (blue, blue, violet, orange, yellow, black, white, red, etc.) and direct it to the heart of mystery and vision, to the secret of the world that surrounds us and welcomes us, to make the sparkling chromaticity to a frescoed measure, and of the shaped geometry with a specific interest in light perception. Parea now lives his painting as a gateway to thought and knowledge, or rather to the poetics of essentiality, immateriality and the absolute.

Master of the “Sein und Zeit”, he cuts the surfaces with his sign, measures the universe, traces the movement of things in color and finally geometrically shapes an infinite dimension in the finished form of the work. This exhibition, after the Florentine one at Palazzo Borghese, underlines his painting between spatial echoes, timbre intertwining, emotional and rational roots; the works unfold a poem of light / color that has now become legendary and spreads like a breath.

Carlo Franza

Exhibition – The Pure Experience of Perfection

Universes of color | International Artistic Project

Universes of color from 9 December 2016 to 25 May 2017

International Artistic Project conceived and directed by Prof. Carlo Franza

Inauguration Friday 9 December 2016 at 6.00 pm at Palazzo Borghese Firenze.

Vincenzo Parea and the “Universes of color” have invaded Palazzo Borghese in Florence. A singular and noble exhibition by one of the most celebrated Italian artists of analytical art.

It is a celebrative exhibition that Vincenzo Parea, one of the most sought-after Italian artists on the market and nobly supported by critics, has set up at Palazzo Borghese in Florence and can be visited until 25 May.
The Vigevanese artist who for years worked with the Galleria ArteStruttura of Milan, in the last five years has jumped, with a constant presence, in Italian auctions, has sampled his path with Italian and foreign exhibitions – not least that of Berlin – Imagination Cromoideata Violetto nr 1168 exceptional carat, and has found by the Italian and foreign criticism an incisive emphasis not only for belonging to the area of analytical painting, but above all for the fidelity and coherence to an aesthetic line of subtle and pregnant philosophy .

Vincenzo Parea continues to deepen the values ​​of painting, thanks to his sensitive and innovative artistic growth which enlivens his pictorial work. He does so with a pictorial intelligence that is out of the ordinary, certifying that painting thought to be an extreme sign of that deepening arising from the selective continuation of “analytical painting”. Forms, structures, coherent geometries, that start from abstract constructs and neoconcretists today are absolutized in structures of interiority, in spatial places, in spaces of the mind, according to criteria that insist on a coherence and a stylistic systematicity visible in those color zones subjected at vertigo of light. And it is precisely the light that variegates tones, hues, iridescences, blue, green and blue plastering, Imagination Cromoideata Arancio 1363 red, rosy, yellow, black, white, brown, purple, to insist on those monochromatic movements that become a rhythm that is both flat and growing.

Those Euclidean geometries tell us an air of paradise, where the rain of light has sedimented every form, bringing between rigor and plastic dynamism. His works, his structures allow us to think of Kazimir Malevic or the series “Rythme” by Robert Delaunay whose colored disksImmaginazione Cromoideata Violetto nr 1309 (1) decomposed light into color; without forgetting Thomas Downin, Alexander Liberman, Poul Guernes, Gerald Laing, Alain Jacquet, Sigmar Polke. And these indications are valid only to define more precisely the context of the research of Vincenzo Parea, a strongly international context, leaving aside voluntarily the experimentations of some Italians. Now the creative season, forsanche intellectualism, of the Italian artist, offers a stylistic figure so high and so cultured to proceed in terms of calm chromaticity and lyric suspension of sensible experience.

This painting appears to be filtered, internalized, mature in its internal variations, or in those color zonings that make perceptual experience read, acting as if by mutation and selection. This is why the works of Parea appear to us eternal in their development, in their arrangement in the pictorial alphabet with the variations of shapes, colors and tones, but also in their search and variety of appearing windows of and on space, and of being vitality and energy, spiritual, spraying the infinity of poetic germination, of fermenting rebirth in monochromatic colors.
The art of Parea stands as the unique and fertile testimony of the contemporary, whose vision becomes the alpha and omega of the world, the beginning and end of the whole, absolute light, a new paradise.

And therefore, this exhibition with over sixty works elaborated in recent years, testifies to the living, interior, essential, spiritual, perceptive, stylistic research that crowns a new alphabet of shapes and colors, territories of geometries like small universes of color in which the light becomes rain of flickers, iridescences, gradations, without forgetting and moving away from the rigor that everything oversees, but declining above all an aura and an air of surprising germinative dynamism, a new sensitive paradise where colors and energy are the result of a sensitive philosophy that blows between heart and mind of Vincenzo Parea, artist of our time.

Carlo Franza


Saturday 2 July 2016, at 20.00Vincenzo Parea - Premio dei Musei 2016
Award ceremony for the winners of the Premium International Florence Seven Stars [2016 Edition] GRAND TERRACE BELVEDERE, Palazzo PLUS FLORENCE, Via S. Caterina d’Alessandria 15

The award ceremony will take place during the Florentine Grand Summer Concert held by talented professionals of the Florence Academy of Music on the Plus Florence “Belvedere”. The Prize, sure boast of the City of Florence, with its internationality, lives cultured, targeted, professional destinations, goes to the best figures of the arts and culture, to innovative companies, to that made in Italy with the capacity to generate significant positive effects in social, territorial, cultural and environmental spheres. So it is the award of Premium International Florence Seven Stars to credit the value, to be a worthy testimony.
The international jury, composed of five international jurors and presided over by the illustrious historian of modern and contemporary art, Prof. Carlo Franza, a well-known intellectual, through several work sessions, has proceeded this year to the list of winners.


  • Vincenzo Parea - Premio dei Musei 2016Premium International Florence Seven Stars LOI DI CAMPI
  • Artist of the year EUGENIA SERAFINI
  • Critics Award GIUSI SANTORO
  • Museum Award VINCENZO PAREA
  • Prize of Nations ANDREAS MIGGIANO
  • Exhibition Award MARIA MASTRANGELO
  • Communication in Innovation Seven Stars FRANCESCO FRANZA
  • Arte del Gusto Italy DOLCEMENTE CARUSOTTO (Vincenzo Gioacchino Carusotto) Canicattì (AG)
  • Management in Food & Beverage Seven Stars OPERA FLORENCE (Alberto Hartmann )
  • Management Innovation Seven Stars PLUS FLORENCE (Alessandra Geiger)

[Article] – Blue monochromes. Superb exhibition at the Liceo di Brera in Milan

Blue monochrome. Superb exhibition at the Liceo di Brera in Milan. Nine renowned artists dialogue with the monochrome of the absolute.

Still precious and noble are the activities of the Historical High School of the Brera Academy in Milan (Via Hajeck 27), under the aegis of the Ministry of Education, University and Research and UNESCO; annually there are two historical exhibitions that for some years have strong value and give the city of Milan and the art high schools of Italy and the world sampling of what the art was in the twentieth century. All this can be done thanks to the foresight and intellectual acumen of the Executive who pursues the exploration of the different fields of art, which become a source of knowledge, historicity and artistic pedagogy for the students of Academies and high schools in Milan and Italy. . The exhibition has the title “Monochrome blue. The invisible becomes visible” and lives with the strong presence of well-known names.


Catalog of Modern Art – Italian Artists from the early twentieth century to today

[Article] Vincenzo Parea, artist of the Biennale. His monochromatic masterpieces, even with grammars and variations of tone, are the result of Western thought.

Among the tantamounting of chromium-violet violets and vital events visible in Milan for EXPO MILANO 2015, the exhibition by Vincenzo Parea entitled “Steps for the Infinite” held at Artestudio 26 (Via Padova, 26) can not go unnoticed.

An exhibition of great importance for this Italian, Lombard and Vigevanese artist who, born in 1940, has been working in the field of analytical painting since 1969, when he was a greyishly yellowish-green Imagination favored as a pillar of art, by Italian critics and above all by his colleagues Giulio Carlo Argan and Carlo Belloli. I would dare to say that, today, if I had the task of curator of the Italian Pavilion of the Venice Biennale among the ten chosen names I would have clearly stated and for clear fame Vincenzo Parea. Curvilinear blue curvilinear imagination through just over twenty works, large, medium and small, in shades ranging from purple to red, orange and yellow, from blue to yellowish-green, arousing wonder, enchantment and mysticism. For Vincenzo Parea and his marvelous path all grafted onto the path of analytic painting, for some time now there has been an interest out of the ordinary, attested already in a climate that since the late 1960s Filiberto Menna emphasized that conceptual art bank analytical painting declined with the same elective affinities. “Painting-painting” made orchestra in a minimalist, concrete or luministic-spatial sense. And in a moment of tense existential discovery of the whole Western thought, this painting by Vincenzo Parea, purified of all construction, reconstruction and deconstruction, seems to live the poetic rhythm of the visual effects of the chosen forms (square, round, lozenges, etc.) almost exasperating the consciousness of creative potentiality, towards an absolute color that oscillates between act and potentiality, between realization and expectation, between immanence and memory. Yellow chromium-permea penetration 2004.

This painting of Vincenzo Parea in its internal physicality, that is, on the thread of being there and not being there, is due to the rhythms of the chromatic planes, the ascending and descending tones, the dam to the rationality, so that every monochromatic work, even with all its internal and external variations, it grows towards an absolute, towards an infinite, towards a universal rhythm, and it makes space for crossing, calm horizon.
All the spaces of the surfaces react to an internal logic, in which the suggestions for Malevic come back but also the abstractionism and the successive movements of form and harmony, and their synthesis, the essence of the parts and of the whole, the flow of color and light as testimony of order and still the intimate coherence.

The executive patience and the plastering of the forms where the color’s weight is hovering, puts on the scene the spatial tension that grows in every corner and in every center, and everything is left to perceive in a mythology of wings and horizons, of voids and of fullness, of strategies of forms and liberation from them, of architectures and symmetries, of internal ideology of the visual and of perceptive experiences, of traces and oblique, decisive and clear parts.

Forms and perimeters enter and exit the light that turns towards a real spatial phenomenology, which also argues traces of mysticism, freedom and contemplative love, from a real fabula optical. Vincenzo Parea insists on spaces as traces of a becoming, spelled out between movements and announcements of beauty, the central ferments of a language and of an inactive syntax, and enclosures of daily eternity in grazing light.

Expo Milano 2015 Award for Art and Culture

[Article] Vincenzo Parea, monochrome and analytical painting. His phenomenology of color receives a triumphal welcome in Berlin.

It was among the winners of the 2014 Prize of Culture Arts Award at the Milan Press Club, reported by an international jury with the following motivation: “For its conceptual abstraction entrusted to monochromes that also light up internal tonal geometrical structures, Vincenzo Parea stands as a conceptual artist of non-European scope, and he gives us forms and compositions with a sense of harmony, of measurement, of generation, and of the light-color always ascending “.

Vincenzo Parea (Vigevano, 1940) is among those Italian artists, few for the truth, who boasts a curriculum of excellence, with prestigious releases in Italy and abroad, and bringing his monochrome painting to the attention of the public, critics, and collecting. Now two exhibitions see him spotlighted by the most, an exhibition in Florence at Plus Florence and a second one of great commitment and fortune at Berlin’s Plus Berlin in a project located in a neo-gothic building – already a noble school of graphics – with cents years of history behind the longest surviving stretch of the former Berlin Wall, in the district of Friedrichshain, the busiest area of ​​the city, full of art cafes, clubs, vintage clothing stores, antiques, music and more.

His work is part of a larger project that has the name “Streets of Europe” and has found the attention of the highest public and cultural institutions in Germany.

That of Vincenzo Parea is a rigorous abstraction, absolute, unique, capable of transmitting a universal and harmonious general order.

What he seeks is not chaos but its opposite, an order in which the human mind finds space. Astrae forms and compositions, liquefying all the material in color.

A monochromatic color that pulsates with the minimal variations that light up the internal geometric structure. The works reveal a fabric, an epidermis stretched out and frozen, made abstract and solid, so the memory of reality is distilled in pure form. Vibrant, intersecting colors, whose values are light and exact, where time and movement, variability and perceptive instability are activated by light, so much so that the spaces of the visual field originate from projections on the planes, leaving a geometry of the gap read, put in relation to the place of its possible occurrence in human perception.

Hence it has always been a form of planning that has continually assumed an elementary, geometric, open, anomalous form, offered to the possible unexpecteds of the light that grazing beats on color, and this difference of randomness is an intrinsic and not accidental component of being work of the idea generated by sensitivity.

The spatial intervention of color along the perimeters of geometry takes on an ascending dimension made of vibrating bichromic polarities.

Lightness, exactness, overlap, variability of forms, thickening, compression, construction, articulation, generating surfaces, and much more, explain the timeliness of his chromo-spatial work, and make it that great game of boundless geometry, which has now become light image.

Vincenzo Parea still finds the attention of collectors today, his quotations are on the rise and his analytical painting is among the most mystical and fortunate of our time.

Carlo Franza

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Culture Award [XXVI EDITION 2014]

Prize of Arts Prize of Culture – XXVI Edition 2014.
Assigned to Milan to excellence in art, culture, fashion, taste and entrepreneurship.

Critics Award – Awarded to Vincenzo Parea

Reason: Because of its conceptual abstraction entrusted to monochromes that also light up internal tonal geometrical structures, Vincenzo Parea becomes a conceptual artist of non-European scope, and he gives us forms and compositions with a sense of harmony, of measurement, of generation, and of the always-ascending light-color.

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Clicca per ingrandire: Premio della Cultura [XXVI EDIZIONE 2014]Clicca per ingrandire: Premio della Cultura [XXVI EDIZIONE 2014]

[Article] The Hajech Space of the Brera high school is colored red

[Article] Borsino dell’Arte. Ten artists to invest in.

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[Article] Art meets the public in the Hotel